Valentine's Day Marketing

Valentines coffee love.

The season of fretting over your relationship status is here! It seems as soon as Christmas is over, shops are over brimming with heart-shaped chocolates, red balloons and cute cuddly toys. 1 in 3 of us will choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and smart businesses are taking advantage of this money spinning occasion. 

For Love or Money

In 2017, approximately £459 million was spent in the UK on Valentine’s Day. Last year, according to a poll, those that shelled out on flowers, frills and fancies said they spent more than they did the year before. Males spent, on average, £40 on their significant other, whereas females spent around £20. As a business, it therefore makes more sense to target males! 

Getting Gifted 

The most popular gift, by far, is greeting cards. 180 million were exchanged in 2017 alone. Increasingly, Valentine’s Day is not just seen as a day for couples – more and more people are getting in on the action. Now you can buy cards for family members, friends, pets and even yourself! 

The second most popular gift is flowers with, unsurprisingly, red roses being the most favourited plumped for posy. Lingerie is another favoured option, with sales doubling on the run up to Valentine’s Day. Jewellery sales peak a week before the big day, with 10% of all marriage proposals happening on Valentine’s Day

All You Need is Love… and a Cup of Coffee

Don’t just rely on Cupid’s arrow to target your customers, with new apps and social platforms consistently gaining momentum, there are endless ways to hit the spot. 

An example of this from recent years, was the successful Meet at Starbucks promotion that saw and Starbucks collaborate. The campaign allowed’s users to contact one another and plan a first coffee date at a nearby Starbucks. The campaign that was branded ‘the world’s biggest coffee date’, involved a combination of social platforms. The hashtag #StarbucksDate was utilised on Twitter and was used over 6,000 times in the three weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day.
Starbucks Valentines Campaign.

Although some tried-and-true Valentine’s gifts will inevitably surge in sales, even the most ‘unromantic’ product or service can sell with a clever marketing campaign. That’s where Flying Saucer comes in. If your business needs some extra love, get in touch with us! We’ll even treat you to a coffee…

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