Twitter Fails and Tearjerkers: Mother’s Day Marketing in the UK

Mothering Sunday has come early this year. In the UK, it comes on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and with Easter in the same month, businesses haven’t had a lot of time to switch their marketing campaigns from Valentine’s Day to Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day is an important holiday – and not just for flower and card companies. On average, we each spend £30 on Mother’s Day, compared to just £10 on Father’s Day. Brands are already vying for our attention, and at Flying Saucer, we’re busy devising and promoting Mother’s Day campaigns for our clients! We take a look at the brands that have done Mother’s Day marketing right this year.

Mother’s Day Marketing: Social Media
Last year, Penguin Books hilariously asked Twitter users to ask them for gift advice using the hashtag #YourMum. Although it’s still unclear whether the hashtag was an innocent mistake or a knowing ploy, it started trending on Twitter (alongside, possibly ironically, #InternationalWomensDay) and it certainly got people’s attention.

Meanwhile, Cath Kidston’s hashtag #CKCelebrateHer is getting attention for all the right reasons this year. They’re offering mums the chance to win £50 when they tweet a ‘proud mum moment’ with the hashtag. Stories of charity fundraising, first steps, graduations and weddings are giving everyone a warm fuzzy feeling.

Mother’s Day Marketing: Video
One of the most memorable Mother’s Day marketing campaigns of last year came from The Body Shop – and they’ve brought it back again this year. The crowning glory of the Treat Mum Like a Queen campaign was a royal ‘home video’ showing Prince Charles and Camilla preparing a Mother’s Day breakfast for the Queen. It was funny and well-timed, as Kate Middleton was then heavily pregnant with her second child, sparking interest from the British public and worldwide.

Pandora is one brand that’s dedicated to Mother’s Day, creating a new range of jewellery especially every year. This year’s Mother’s Day campaign, #UniqueAsWeAre, is all about celebrating women. Gender and feminism were some of the most talked about issues of 2015, and Pandora is clearly moving with the times – something that could be difficult for a jewellery company. The minute-long video eschews the traditional fluffy ‘hearts and flowers’ approach to Mother’s Day, showing an awareness of their market.

Despite the empowering message, it does fall short of last year’s The Unique Connection campaign. With a focus on the bond between mother and child, the tear-jerking YouTube video went viral, gaining over 17 million views.

If your business needs a marketing campaign that gets your brand noticed this Mother’s Day, get in touch with Flying Saucer. 

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