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Charity Slacktivism or Social Media Fundraising?

It feels like the puddles of iced water in gardens across the UK have only just dispersed and now the latest charity social media fundraising campaign...

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Still from Save the Children Superheroes short film

Race4Survival: Real Life Superheroes

If you look up the definition of ‘superhero’ on Google you get answers such as “a benevolent fictional character with superhuman pow...

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Red bull wingsuit jumping

Clipping Red Bull's Wings...

Well who would have thought it? After many years of listening to their marketing campaigns and consuming numerous cans of their caffeinated energy dri...

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New Citroen C4 Cactus

Cross-media Advertising: Citroen Launch New C4 Cactus

Every year businesses up and down the country invest a considerable amount of time and money into raising brand awareness and getting information abou...