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Posters for new McDonalds advertising campaign

Do you want fries with that?

As Mies van der Rohe said, ‘less is more’. Sometimes going back to basics, adopting a frill-free approach and veering away from hyperb...

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Colour charts

Colour Me Happy: The Meaning of Colours in Branding

When creating a corporate identity it's important to realise how people interpret the meaning of colours in branding. Certain emotions can be evok...

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Save the Children advert

Sex Sells... Doesn't it?

From scantily clad females waxing lyrical about herbal-infused shampoo to muscle-bound men cooling themselves with branded fizzy drink cans, a...

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VH1 Bullying ad

Beating the Bullies

Here are some sobering statistics*: Almost half (46%) of children say they have been victims of bullying at school, 31,599 children called ChildLine i...