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Branding on football shirts

Sponsorship in Football: Why Brands Are Keen to Get Involved

For many years football was known as the ‘working man's game’ and clubs were at the very heart of the communities they represented. To...

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Customer service diagram

Customer Service Strategies: Making Customers Happy

Effective customer service strategies play an integral role in most successful businesses and we think we've found a company that has got their st...

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Advert for Garden Square Mothers Day event

Shopping Centre Marketing: Getting Crafty for Mother's Day

We're sure that the majority of you will not need reminding that Sunday is Mother's Day, a day when hardworking mums up and down the country t...

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Integrated marketing campaign word diagram

Integrated Marketing Campaigns: How to Get It Right

There have never been so many media channels at the disposal of marketers looking to advertise products and services. In addition to traditional metho...