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Young man using mobile phone and laptop

Mobile Advertising: What Does The Future Have In Store?

As a nation we love getting our hands on the newest gadgets. Whether it is the latest mobile phone, games console or tablet device, we simply have to...

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Queens 90th Birthday

A Royal Celebration for the Queen’s 90th Birthday!

It was the Queen’s 90th birthday (again!) last weekend, and Flying Saucer celebrated with a right royal knees-up. We devised, designed and managed a...

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Creating a Brand

5 Steps to Creating a Brand

Depending who you ask, Britain’s favourite brands are British Airways, Aldi, or Vodafone – and of course, Yorkshire Tea is up there, too. Being a ...

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Summer Holiday Marketing

Simple Tips for Summer Holiday Marketing Success

You might not know it with the weather we’re having in Norwich, but summer is on its way. For many businesses, summer is their peak time – but wit...