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Why should your company have a blog?

Why should your company have a blog?

First off, after many weeks of hard work, we are delighted to welcome you to the brand new Flying Saucer Creative blog! Many of you, we hope, will alr...

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Company logos

What's in a name?

Virgin: The name Virgin, according to Richard Branson's autobiography, arose from a colleague of his while they were brainstorming business ideas. She...

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Clemenger speed advert

Time to think

Created by Clemenger BBDO in New Zealand for the Transportation Authority, this advert is powerful, breath-taking and spine-chilling; a concoction tha...

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Pescod responsive website design

Being responsive

Just how important is responsive technology? Ensuring your online presence can be viewed by everyone - no matter how they're accessing it - is essenti...

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Social media icons

How important is social media for business?

Once upon a time the likes of Facebook and Twitter were portals for teenagers to share party photos, gossip about their love lives and generally voice...

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2014 Marketing

2014: On the up

Times have been tough for marketers over the past few years. The economic downturn has resulted in tighter budgets, meaning a closer eye on the purse ...